An Early Rain

These were the clouds yesterday above Ukulima farm after the first rain coming out of the dry season. It showered 1 mm. 

Then, as I was uploading this picture, I heard the sound of shattering tiles. Having heard stories from those here last year, I knew what it was.

I jumped up, looking for the car keys, dashed out of the door to move the Toyota Hilux under covering. It was hail (notice the specks of white on the ground in the picture below). The temps didn't get above 75˚F, and the lows had been around 45, but that doesn't matter to a high altitude weather system. 

It only lasted for another minute once I got the truck covered. It was still big and quick enough to add a few dents to the exterior. The greenhouse, which was demolished by last year's hail, survived without a broken panel. The young Moringa trees inside are safe and relieved.

Hail, and especially snow, are uncommon here since the dry season has the coldest temperatrures. No precipitation, no icy mixtures, even in a 4,000 ft mountain valley--with freak exception.

By this morning, the storm had brought 35mm (1.4in), which is high for a single rain event here. Hopefully this is the first of many full and consistent rains, and the last of hail. 

And now for something slightly different (@Matthew Brown & Ruth D'Aiuto).


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