Research to be Presented at SSSA-CSA-ASA 2013

The research I've been apart of for nearly two years is going to be presented at this year's Soil Science Society of America's annual meeting. It will be apart of the symposium "Smallholder Farming Systems and Extension Education Opportunities" (Wed. 6 Nov. 8AM, Session 360-1, TCC, Room 3 and 4, First Floor). See add here and press release here.

Entitled "The brown revolution: A sustainable response to the global food crisis," ECHO's CEO Stan Döerr will speak about our results on building soil nutrients and biology in a semi-arid region using labor-intensive, minimal soil disturbance methods in rotational, intercropping systems.

If you are going to the meetings please attend and see what I've been working on. Let me know if you make it.

Also, check out this talk from a fellow NC State Graduate concerned with agriculture development: 

ASA Plenary/ E.T. & Vam York Distinguished ASA Lectureship, Nov. 5, Pedro SanchezWorld Food Prize laureate and Director of the Agriculture and Food Security Center, Columbia University EarthInstitute

And this one by a fellow Ukulima Farm researcher. His cowpea varieties are astounding:

CSSA Plenary/Betty Klepper Endowed Lectureship, Nov. 6, B. B. SinghTexas A&M University


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